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Year 6 - Southend week

During the week beginning Monday 4th June, whilst the vast majority of Year 6 were on their way to the Isle of Wight, a small group of Year 6 children were tucked up in bed, because Monday was an Inset day. Tuesday was when the fun really began. The children trouped down to ‘The Toby Carvery’ along Eastern Esplanade where after games and a taste test, they were treated to a full roast dinner. They spend the afternoon in Southchurch Park, where some of them still have enough room for an ice-cream.

Wednesday was spent on an ‘egg-speriment’ – scrambled, fried, boiled, poached. The children then made sandwiches for their lunch and angel cakes for an afternoon treat.

The RNLI station at the end of the pier was the destination for the children on Thursday. After walking the length of the pier, they had a tour of the station from Jerry and Norman, with Mr. Telling wearing the uniform (and desperately hoping that there wasn’t a call out whilst he was wearing it. ) We got the train back rather than walking….

The final day was spent at Adventure Island with the children being able to go on a variety of rides, some more scary than others. Both Thursday and Friday, the children had lunch at ‘Ye Olde Chippy.’

Four days, hetic, hot but great fun.

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