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Year 2 visit Colchester Zoo

After what seemed like an eternal wait, the Year two trip to Colchester Zoo finally arrived. Sixty very excited children and 10 equally excited teachers climbed on board the bus and left Friars behind for an amazing day seeing lots of the animals they had been learning about during the summer term. The children were fascinated to see over 30 different species of animal including sea lions, lions, tigers, snakes, piranha fish and penguins up close but the highlight of the day had to be feeding the giraffes and elephants. The children were very brave as they stood perfectly still to let a huge African elephant take fruit straight from their hand with their trunks or an extremely tall giraffe take branches from them with their long black tongues. There was just time for a ride on the train and a walk around the lemur enclosure before heading back to the bus. On the way home there were a lot of tired children but they had enjoyed a great day and had behaved impeccably throughout. Well done Year 2, you were a credit to the school!

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