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Year 6 theatre show

On the Friday before half-term, Year 6 had a workshop visit them on the subject of gang culture, its pitfalls, how to recognise gang culture and how to deal with it. The children were taught that at the beginning of a child being introduced to a gang, they can be offered love, identity, excitement and security within the gang; new members start receiving new items such as phones, trainers, branded clothing. However, in return for all of this, problems quickly raise their ugly heads – school marks can drop as can attendance, children start coming home late, parents don’t know where their children are. The children are then expected to do the gang ‘favours’ and if they don’t the gang could target other members of the child’s family. If they felt that they were getting too involved in gang culture or knew someone who was – they need to tell someone. The children were told that communication between family members and close friends is so important, verbally or a text or written message. All the Year 6 children were given a leaflet to discuss with their grown-ups at home.

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