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Celebration Assembly 14th July 2023

KS1 awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and 2 children for;

  • Great map making during Geography Week

  • Being simply awesome to work with all year

  • Great exclamation sentences and enjoying school

  • Being super helpful all of the time

  • In-depth thinking and reasoning during Geography week

  • Increased confidence and super learning

  • Fabulous recall of the details from ‘The Whale’s Tale’

  • Creating an amazing poster about saving our oceans from plastic pollution

Buddy awards

Buddy awards went to;

  • Delilah for helping a friend during the fire drill

  • Keisha for helping a hurt friend and making her laugh

Thank you to our two Buddies!

Rainbow Readers

Well done to Thomas, Sophia and Mollie for earning their next Rainbow Reader award for reading at home and huge congratulations to Jonathan, who managed to complete his Rainbow Reader awards to earn his Platinum award. A fantastic achievement - Well done for putting in so much hard work!

KS2 Awards

In Years 3 certificates were awarded for;

  • Great geography work comparing seaside towns

  • Bravery to overcome fears when swimming

  • Working hard in English

  • Being all round excellent

In Years 4 certificates were awarded to the children for;

  • Hard work in English

  • Writing an excellent rhyming poem

  • Superb poetry

Our Year 5 children received certificates for;

  • Enthusiasm with their DT work

  • Always enjoying their learning

  • Always helping the teacher by handing out books and getting the classroom ready for the day’s work

Bella gets her belt!

We heard some good news from out of school this week as Bella, one of our Year 6 pupils received her karate grading this week to earn this amazing belt. Well done Bella!


Class 1BR won the attendance cup this week to finally stop 1BU’s reign. They recorded 95.7%. However, it was again 3MV in KS2 again this week who secured 98.7% attendance to win for the third week running. Well done 3MV!

Team Cups

In KS1, Stirling and Stormont shared the cup, while Stormont also won in KS2. As we head to our last week and with the sports day scores still to add, it’s looking very close indeed!

Will Stirling stay out in front as they have done all year?

Will Stormont’s good showing on Sports Days put them in contention?

Will Windsor or Caernarfon make a late unexpected surge?

Watch this space to find out who will lift the Friars Cup next Friday.


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