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Celebration Assembly 15th March 2024

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for:

  • measuring and drawing using centimetres

  • growing independence

  • good contributions in computing

  • positive learning attitude and concentration in maths

  • always listening carefully to instructions

Buddy Awards went to… Molly, Gracie and Lilly. 


This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our children for:

  • enthusiasm

  • being respectful

  • showing resilience

  • for great effort in outdoor learning

  • demonstrating kindness

  • effort and perseverance

  • working together


A very strong performance from 4D this week with an excellent 99%. It is a little while since we have seen a percentage of 99 or higher so Mrs. Halls decided to award 4D with… an extra break time to celebrate!

In Key Stage 1 with just over 97% it was a victory for 2G.

Well done 2G and 4D!

Team Points

Oh… wow! Look at our team points now! 

What a week it has been for Windsor who achieved a double win in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. You can see what this has meant for the overall totals… now we have only three points separating first and second. Stormont and Stirling have also both closed the gap to Caernarfon over recent weeks. 

Will our yellow team still be out in front by next Friday? Who knows?!!!



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