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Celebration Assembly 23rd June 2023

KS1 awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and 2 children for;

  • Writing their own descriptive stories at home

  • Making a wonderful flying car in the creative area

  • Amazing focus and accuracy in computing

  • Settling well to early morning work

  • Trying hard in maths and making connections to other learning

  • Super writing with finger spaces and neat letters

  • Improved concentration and enjoyment in English

  • Independence in maths

  • Massive improvement in handwriting

Buddy awards

Buddy awards went to Jamie for tidying the art area and chairs, Dylan for being kind and helpful and Jonathan for being a good friend. Thank you Buddies!

Computing Award

Che in 1BU amazed Mrs Pinckney this week with his touch typing skills to earn a special computing award. Well done Che!

KS2 Awards

In Years 3 and 4 certificates were awarded for;

  • Maximum effort during testing

  • Outdoor Learning attitude

  • Being polite and sensible

  • Great behaviour

  • Drawing pictures to solve a maths problem

  • Perseverance

  • Computing maths work calmly and sensibly

  • Coping well with a different teacher in class

  • Swimming for the first time

In Years 5 and 6 certificates were awarded to the children for;

  • Using English skills in science

  • Lots of effort in tests

  • Much improved attitude

  • Making huge improvements in English

  • Taking a brilliant catch in rounders during PE

  • Creating a great Charles Darwin presentation

  • Whole class writing

Computing Awards

Class 3MV were awarded an the computing class of the week award for their all-round brilliance in their presentation lesson this week.

While James (creating a Powerpoint) and Marcus (creating a 3D printed model) earnt themselves computing shoutouts.

Sporting Awards

Well done to our KS2 Borough Sports team who managed to earn lots of individual medals as well as coming second overall in the field events earning this fabulous trophy.

Shout Outs

This week our special assembly shout outs went to Taylor and Logan in 5BW for being helpful and kind in class. Logan even saved Miss Barrick from a big spider today….what a hero!


Class 1BU won the attendance cup this week in KS1. In KS2 it was Class 3MV who took the cup. Well done!

Team Cups

It was draw in KS1 this week as Stirling and Windsor shared the Team Cup. In KS2 it was Stirling again who stormed to victory….surely nobody can stop them from lifting the Friars Cup next month!

Well done to all of our winners this week.


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