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Celebration Assembly – 27th January 2023

Well done to our KS1 and KS2 certificate winners this week who were recognised by their teachers for a range of brilliant reasons right across our curriculum.

KS1 awards

Year 1 certificates were awarded for;

  • Reading with great expression

  • Working independently in writing

  • Amazingly neat presentation

Year 2 certificates were awarded for;

  • Using super punctuation such as exclamation marks, question marks and an ellipsis to add suspense in a story

  • Super story writing using a question to add suspense

  • Using the ninja wall for great vocabulary

  • Using an ellipsis successfully

Buddy awards

Our Buddy awards this week recognised the children that demonstrate;

  • Helpfulness

  • Kindness

  • Happiness

So a big well done and thank you to Harry, Liam, Mia, Oscar and Oliver for looking after their friends and making them smile.

Special Assembly Shout Outs

Shout outs went to all of Year 1 for their awesome phonics work this week and Freddy in 1BR for his great maps discussion.

Rainbow Readers

Well done to Ozzy, Sienna and Harrison in 1BU for being awarded with their bronze and violet awards respectively this week. A great effort to read so much at home.

KS2 Awards

Yet again a great set of certificates awarded in KS2, right across the curriculum and for a range of great reasons.

In Year 3 our certificates were awarded for;

  • Developing greater confidence

  • Effort in handwriting

  • Being polite and helpful all of the time

  • Working independently in maths

In Year 4 certificates were awarded for;

  • Having a great mathematical lightbulb moment!

  • Listening and applying knowledge in writing

  • Excellent effort in art

  • Working hard in French

Years 5 received their awards for;

  • Great diary writing around their layered reading

  • Offering ideas and help to others in maths

  • Using ambitious language

  • Increasing confidence in PE

Year 6 children received awards for;

  • Applying scientific knowledge to practical tasks

  • Amazing emotive diary writing around Nelson Mandela

  • Generally all round amazing work

  • Conscientious effort in writing


Our mathemagicians this week were Penelope and Mark from Year 5 and Joshua from Year 6, who have all worked consistently hard in maths, particularly displaying super reasoning skills.

Computing Class of the Week

Class 3JA had a fabulous lesson this week to win the computing class of the week award. They were so focused and persevered throughout….well done 3JA. Daisy and Etty, the class digital leaders, collected the award on behalf of their class.

Special Assembly Shout Outs

Shout outs went to Oscar, Riley and Dominik (Year 5), All of Year 6, Alyssa (6B), Logan (3JA) and Forrest, Hope and Evie (all 6G). Mr Roche also gave a whole school thank you and shout out to all of the children for showing off our school so well when we had important visitors on Wednesday morning.


Our whole school attendance stood at 94.9% this week.

The best attendance in lower school was registered by Class 2B who won the KS1 Attendance Cup with 97%, while the KS2 cup went to Class 6B with an attendance figure of 98%, the best figure in school.

Team Points

It was a rollover week which meant more points on offer for our teams to win and win they did, as Stormont and Windsor claimed the individual Key Stage team cups this week.

It’s very tight in the lower places but Stirling became the first team past 500 points to hang on to first place.


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