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Celebration Assembly 9th February 2024

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for:

  • working hard in early morning work

  • great listening in phonics

  • great writing about the Great Fire of London

  • super phonics all week

  • great editing and making changes to work

  • supporting a partner to learn to skip

  • working with greater independence

  • super improvement in handwriting

Buddy Awards went to… Hayden and Gracie-Marie.


This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our children for:

  • super teamwork and helping others

  • efforts in Year 6 Bikeability

  • taking pride in work and with presentation

  • artwork

  • using emotive language in diary writing

  • fraction work in maths

  • taking risks in maths

  • including peers and working well with them

  • homework on volcanoes

  • work on volcanoes


Attendance this week was quite low unfortunately and we are all hoping that there is a big bounce back next week before the half-term holidays.

This week’s winners were 6B in Key Stage 2 and 1MV in Key Stage 1. Well done to both classes.

Team Points

In KS1 our winners were Stirling and Stormont and for KS2 it was Stirling again. It was a big week for Stirling our blue team. They not only scored the highest number of points in the week but they also jumped ahead of Windsor into second place. This now all means that Stirling are 9 points closer to front runners Caernarfon.

There are still only 45 points separating all four teams. This year’s competition is as close as football’s Premier League race…!



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