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Hello from Thriftwood!

After a really smooth journey, upon arriving at Thriftwood, all of the children were put into their tent and activity groups and they were all extremely happy with their groups. Before lunch the children set up camp, unpacked their bags and enjoyed exploring the area around camp. We have already had some den building and improvised fishing rods and that was before we’d even started any activities.

After a chilled lunch under a huge oak tree, the children went off to enjoy brilliant activities such as the Cresta run, archery, the climbing wall and the cave bus! Mrs Witt even got to have a go in the zip line with the children.

Already, they have impressed us with their resilience, their team work and their enthusiasm to have a go at new things!

We are now back at camp where they are enjoying some free time before dinner!

All of the children would like you to know that they’re having fun and that they really enjoyed the activities!

Let’s hope they sleep well ready for day 2 tomorrow…or is that just wishful thinking!!


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