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Police Visit

On the afternoon of Wednesday 24th April, we had a special visit from PC Blunt and PC Turner who both work in the Dog Section of Essex Police. What made the visit even more exciting was the fact that they brought their police dogs with them! PC Blunt had his Alsatian called Bruce and PC Turner had his Alsatian called Arnie as well as his working cocker spaniel, Gigi. We did not get to meet Arnie as he stayed in the car.

Our children in Key Stage 2 watched a display of Bruce’s skills on the school field. First, PC Blunt showed how Bruce is able to chase down suspects if required. PC Turner wore an arm guard and went off running across the field. PC Blunt then instructed Bruce to stop PC Turner… Bruce did a great job and caught up with PC Turner and locked onto his arm, stopping him in his tracks. PC Blunt then showed how if a suspect gives themselves up, Bruce will catch up with them but not attack. Bruce can also be called back at any time, this was demonstrated too. Bruce is multi-talented and can work as a sniffer dog too, showing this by finding Mr. McClay’s wallet on the field.

After seeing Bruce we met Gigi. Gigi was a gorgeous sniffer dog and was incredibly friendly. She loved being petted and having her tummy tickled. The children in Years 3 and 4 also had the chance to sit inside the police car!

PC Blunt explained lots about his job and he was able to answer lots of the children’s questions. During this time, PC Turner took Gigi to visit classes in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

It was a great afternoon. PC Blunt has promised to visit again in the autumn when he will have another dog to train… a Labrador puppy! We can’t wait!


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