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Science Week

During Science Week, children at Friars have been investigating the theme of ‘Growth’. They have explored various concepts, ranging from growing cress in our Nursery, through to investigating microbes in Year 6!

As part of the week, children have also investigated how we change as we grow. Buddy classes worked together to answer questions such as ‘Do older children always have bigger hands?’ and ‘Can older children jump further than younger children?’ Interestingly, Year 2 and Year 5 children discovered that the answer to both questions is no! Lots of cross curricular work was incorporated with the use of maths skills such as the measuring of area, hands spans and distances jumped. They discovered that some year 2 children can indeed jump further than some year 5 children – possible future Borough Sports champions in the making!

We have also considered ‘Smashing Stereotypes’ where the children have learnt that science is open to all as a career. The children have investigated scientists such as the inventor/astronaut Mae Jemison, the first woman to become a doctor Elizabeth Garrett and the inventor of crop rotation George Washington Carver, who fought against racism to be educated during the 1860’s.

The children have all planted a sunflower seed which they will be taking home to grow as part of our ‘Sunflower Competition’. We look forward to seeing who will grow the tallest sunflower.


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