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The chicks have arrived at Friars!

On Monday morning, Mr McClay and Mr Roche took delivery of ten eggs for Year 2. The eggs were in an incubator to keep them warm. The children were very excited waiting for the first chick to hatch (as well as all of the Year 2 Team!). Early on Wednesday morning, we saw the first signs of ‘pipping’ when a chick began to emerge from one of the eggs. Within a short time, we had our first Friars chick – quickly followed by three more! By Thursday morning we had nine fluffy chicks. Children in 2B and 2S have had lots of fun watching the antics of our new additions to Friars. The chicks will remain in Year 2 until Monday and then they will be ‘on tour’ so that all of the classes will gain the opportunity to see and possibly handle the chicks. If the children handle the chicks, they will follow good hygiene procedures and wash their hands before and after this activity. What an exciting time!


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